Absolut Vodka


Within extremely strict parameters in terms of form and function, we were filled with motivation as “nobody puts baby in a corner”. This was the design challenge where the limitation became inspiring and stimulating. The limitation was the iconic bottle, simplicity in the production, it had to be an obvious member of the Absolut Vodka family and a goal to own the taste of pear and grapefruit within the market of flavored vodkas.

  • Our aim was to put a feeling inside the bottle. When seen you just gaze into the rosy grapefruit tint and smell its fruity freshness. On the etched glass we put floating, transparent geometric circles, which allows you to see through the bottle with a rosy grapefruit tint.

  • The starting point for the design solution on Absolut Pear was the colour signal and the elegant, organic shape of the pear. Using the iconic bottle shape, the design creates an optical illusion of a pear. Both the design solutions were technically efficient, which is important for production. A design that is innovative, creative, elegant and absolutely Absolut. Absolut Pears was the most successful new flavor launch ever for Absolut Vodka.