Every brandowners dream is to own a category. Blossa owns its. Completely. Every design agency wants to create a concept like that. Blossa is the result of strategic and powerful design. 

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In the 90s Blossa’s owner, Vin & Sprit came to BVD asking for help. Together we saw the potential in mulled wine, which we named Blossa; it associated to warmth and red cheeks, an effect of the hot beverage. The mission was to create higher level of emotion regarding glögg. We wanted to transform the behavior towards the tradition of glögg and the gatherings around it. When BVD encountered the task, many saw Glögg as something old-fashioned. We enabled the task and developed a local beverage brand to a design innovation that became a phenomenon not only amongst the Swedish clients but spread over the whole world.

  • In 2002 BVD suggested an annual limited edition of Blossa to increase the sell and keep the interest of mulled wine in the market. BVD created a concept and developed the design of the bottle as well as the graphic design. The concept was to develop something new every year, “each year, a new flavor and packaging design”. The flavor as well as the design was coherent with that particular year and time. Thereby we were constantly relevant. BVD in collaboration with Blossa created a new flavor and packaging design 2003-2010.

  • Since the beginning, a boiling cauldron was the symbol of mulled wine. BVD resumed the tradition with a stylish fire dish, a signet for Blossa. The font, Bodoni, would give a classic, celebratory character to the brand. The bottles were coded in different colors to distinguish it. The portfolio also includes a traditional, a premium and a low-alcoholic selection.

  • Blossa became, and still is the biggest brand on the market with a 75% market share and 86% brand recognition. The annual edition of mulled wine has become a strong phenomenon and we are noticing how expectations are getting greater for each succeeding year. It has also caused quite a stir abroad amongst people who have never even tried mulled wine. People collect the bottles and use them as decoration or candlesticks. In the beginning the annual edition sold 100 000 bottles in two weeks before Christmas. After 4 years it sold 1 million bottles in two weeks. The category has become the flagship of the brand portfolio and is constantly asked for.

    Blossa was awarded:
    2006 Design S, Swedish Design Award
    2006 Gold Egg Awards nomination
    2007 Cap & Design, Swedish Design Awards, nomination
    2008 Månadens Design Award
    2008 European Design Award, 1st Prize
    2008 AIGA Graphic Design USA 29
    2008 ID Magazine Annual Design Awards
    2009 Gold Egg Awards
    2009 Red Dot Design Award
    2009 Månadens Design Award
    2010 Epica Award
    Since 2012 you can find Blossa at Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden.