Few locations are as natural meeting places as Gallerian in the heart of Stockholm, a venue both adored and admired. But back in 2003 the days of glory were over. Through a cohesive design profile and innovative place branding the shopping mall awoke from its slumber and was back in its rightful position as Stockholm’s commercial hub.

  • Our first challenge was to help people continue visiting Gallerian during the reconstruction period. BVD created an intricate navigation system on the construction fence which generated both great attention and a sharp rise in visitor numbers to the mall.

  • The new signature color blue is a vital element of the brand. It is used throughout the identity to strengthen the communication in orientation signs, ad campaigns and other communication platforms. All the work was done in close cooperation between the client AMF, architects Wester+Elsner and BVD.

  • The result? A drastic rise in sales. In 2006 Gallerian attracted more than 16 million visitors, almost a doubling in two years. Gallerian and BVD was awarded the City of Stockholm signage award in 2005.