Kosta Boda NK


Kosta Boda celebrates 275 years. We designed the shop windows of Nordiska Kompaniet to celebrate the leading glass artists of our time and their inspiration from their previous forerunners – a surreal meeting of generations enhanced by graphic simplicity at NK. Each window is a hommage to the artist and his or her chosen forerunner. A collaboration with Joann Tan Studio and Kosta Boda.

  • Day and night.
    The heavy floats freely in a play of contraries between white and black. Glass artist: Mattias Stenberg, inspired by Vicke Lindstrand.

  • Dusk.
    Inspired by nuances and silhouettes of the urban night at dusk. Glass artist: Hanna Hansdotter, inspired by Monica Backström.

  • The world of fables.
    Doors open up to new worlds. A fantasy world where you can meet playful characters and new friends. Glass artist: Frida Fjellman, inspired by Erik Höglund.

  • A love anthem.
    Celebrating the bubbly emotions of creativity and love. Glass artist: Lena Bergström, inspired by Mona Morales–Schildt.

  • A love poison.
    A modern interpretation of Garden of Eden. Seduced by love through female cunning. Glass artist: Åsa Jungnelius, inspired by Ulrica Hydman Vallien.

  • Hommage.
    The treasure-chest is filled with precious glass art from our forerunners bringing us into the future. The hands represent a movement of knowledge and craftmanship passed on through generation to generation. A 275 years celebration of Kosta Boda.