Kosta Boda


This is Bruk, the new colorful collection designed by Kosta Boda in Småland, Sweden. Inspired by nature, designed in a beautiful symbiosis of function and form. Made with ultimate precision to last and spark through many and any occasion.

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BVD teamed up with Kosta Boda to create the world of Bruk including Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Tonality, Copywriting, Point of Sales Communication, Digital Assets and Packaging Design.

  • The word Bruk stems from the Swedish word “to use” but is also a link to the special place where it all started some 270 years ago – the village of Kosta in Småland with its old glassworks factory, surrounded by black lakes, deep forests and beautiful nature.

  • The visual identity is developed with the colorful, long lasting and elegant products as our starting point. We created a place for these beautiful artifacts to shine and spark. The inspiration behind the powerful graphical shapes comes from showroom walls and the rough environment in the Kosta Boda glassworks factory in Kosta, Småland. The result is a bold, dynamic and ever expandable visual identity that stands out and grabs your attention in any retail environment.