How do you change a negative brand perception of an international food chain, into the image of a trustworthy brand with good quality products and affordable prices? By clarifying the uniqueness of Lidl we repositioned the brand experience through the celebration of food culture diversity, pride and transparency. The result is a more modern and inviting store experience where customers can easily find what they are looking for. Lidl was awarded the prize Store Chain of the Year by Retail Awards in 2016.

  • Together with Lidl, we created and tested the new store concept in 2014. The concept functions as the foundation for Lidl’s ongoing retail development and today over 150 stores are redesigned.

  • The amount of in-store campaign units were reduced by 80% which helped clarify products and navigation and create a calmer impression of the store environment.

  • Part of our mission was helping customers distinguish between the regular product range and the temporary. This was achieved through distinctive color coding and communication in a flexible system.

  • Lidl was also given a solid platform to communicate about their sustainability work.

  • In May 2016 Lidl Sweden won the Retail Awards prize as The Store Chain of the Year. ”The winner has after a long journey found its place in the Swedish retail market. Through conscious investments on assortment, service and marketing, Lidl has won a greater share of the hearts of Swedish consumers. The solid sustainability work is impressive”.

  • Lidl stores before and after the redesign.