Welcome Granit


Being long time Granit fans we were quite excited when given the opportunity to collaborate with their great team. Granit is a Swedish lifestyle brand, focusing on interior design with function, sustainability, storing and simplicity in focus. Today, you can pop into one of their stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany. So welcome Granit, you are our perfect match!

88.216 school meals


Amazing! Our collaboration with German start-up Lycka has now generated 88.216 school meals to children in need in Mali and Burundi, Africa. Lycka is an organic frozen yoghurt and for each packaging sold, one school meal is donated. Great, right? So, if you are in Germany, be sure to pick up a Lycka and do some good!

Simplify to Clarify, A Podcast by BVD


Driven by our eagerness to understand and explore the power of simplicity in business and our everyday lives, we have started our podcast, Simplify to Clarify by BVD Stockholm. We discuss how the idea of simplicity have guided and enlightened our guests professionally and privately. The aim is to share knowledge and inspire you with simple tools and stories enabling your own change. Find all the episodes at simplifytoclarify.seiTunes or Tunein



This is our #EarthStatement

The UN climate summit in Paris is rapidly approaching. There is utmost urgency to ramp up the pressure on world leaders to ensure a safe climate for us and future generations.

BVD has signed The Earth Statement for a global climate agreement in Paris in December 2015.

Your voice is important. Sign the #EarthStatement to support a call from scientists to world leaders to act now on climate change and join Al Gore, Desmond Tutu, Richard Branson, Winnie Byanyima and Mary Robinson. No form filling.

Sign yourself, take a Selfie, then Share and Nominate. Use the hashtag #EarthStatement so we can count your signature. Be creative. For more: www.earthstatement.org

Lycka awarded a Red Dot


More joy! We are thrilled to announce that our packaging project together with Lycka has won a Red Dot Award: Communication Design.

Lycka doesn’t only do great frozen yoghurt from both natural and organic produce, they are also keen on making the world a better place. For each frozen yoghurt sold, one school meal is donated to a child in need. Starting of as a Start Up in Germany Lycka managed to donated 88.216 school meals for children in need in Mali and Burundi, Africa during 2015. The goal for 2016 is 500.000 meals. Lycka is available in Germany’s second largest supermarket chain Edeka, with over 3.000 stores.

First four trends to look out for in 2015


How’s the new machine age changing and taking a new leap in favor of services managed by real human beings? How can smartphones help us become even smarter connecting us to ’nearables’ and ’wearables’? Why’s the increased openness and digital transformation decreasing our governmental control between the borders?

These are some of the questions we ask ourselves and try to answer over the coming 12 months. 

Trends have a tendency to develop differently over time. You’re most certainly acquaintance with some of the ones we’re mentioning here and hopefully some will be new ones. All of them are though most importantly relevant of todays society though they develop differently in area and in width.

Some relevant questions to ask oneself when approaching trends are as follows;

How certain or uncertain are these trends?

How does it effect the business area or a certain company?

Is it possible for a new line of business area to take over?

Is it possible to see any specific reactions for or against a certain trend? 

How is this trend developing; slow, medium or fast?


1. Ubitech

We’re constantly online whenever and wherever we are. Today’s ultra-flexible, ultra-connected and super-charged technology enables our lifestyle to become a natural part as anything else in our everyday life.

Todays smartphones have become an army swiss knife with an equipment connected to everything from wearables to nearables. New kinds of memory for the physical and digital enables us to get feedback, guidance and information in real time.

As the smartphone and the new wearables become more intelligent, our own behaviour changes in line. We become more aware of our needs, time and values. This holds new demands on companies and brands to be more effortless. The connection between online and offline or digital and physical needs to be better gapped and in coherence. Examples of these changes are Spotify’s offline playlist or the click n’ collect services the retail-market is offering more and more.


2. The world designed as a Babushka doll

As we more often demand our digital connectivity to become our sun in the solar system it leads to it’s benefits and costs. The constant connectivity is foremost delivered to us through wifi. This is a service from public spaces and our brands – cafe’s, airports etc. The cost for this service is that the governments and brands uses the information from your device to collect data about consumer behaviour. The companies intercept data for commercial force to detect statistical information that can gain the company. So, the term, “Big Brother’s watching you” is still very relevant though it has developed to become more of a reality of a babushka designed society. The information you hand to the company will grow and develop to a direct marketing designed for you.

3. Omni channel joyning the physical and emotional characteristics

The different connections have many ways to get us satisfied. The omni channel services have developed to become a new age of machine era in our society. You can find AI on airports, cinemas and also available in your home organising your home from the alarm system to planning the family calendar. This type of joynification creates a meaningfulness for the customer to solve the everyday life puzzle.

Certain companies such as Warby Parker are trying to change the forces of the machine era argumenting a need of omni colleagues rather than just digital omni channels. Instead of the regular robotic customer service you get in contact with they now have actual people serving you with your requests. If this is a way to postpone the process towards the age of technological unemployment into a total digital machine era or just a way of joyning the forces between digital and physical is something the future holds to answer.


4. The digital local companion

There’s an app for everything which means that you will be less interested or intrigued to manage your knowledge bank since it’s stored in different digital devices. Just as in the movie Her where the humans develop a unique relationship with their digital device which became their 24/7 assistant the soon to be released Google glasses will take over and become our multifaceted interfaces. Except for the wearables and nearables we’ve mentioned above, the Google device will guide us through life and give us a recap and info of everything surrounding us. Just as the the different TV shows that gives us a recap in the beginning of a new episode, during an episode and finally in the end of the episode our devices can recapitulate us whenever we bump into an acquaintance whom we don’t recognise or remember all the details about. Our glasses will tell us how we met, valuable information about the persons hobbies, common friends and finally store them till the next occasion we meet again.

This is the time when we will stop using terms as IRL and just be the technological selves we’ve become.