As one of the nordics leading hotel and conference centers Sigtunahöjden is, with its prime location only 15 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda airport, an excellent location for total focus for the job at hand. BVD was tasked with creating the new interior of Sigtunahöjden. The vision was clear, we wanted to completely change the way how interaction between guests and staff take place. By collaborating we created an open floor plan and got rid of physical barriers such as classic receptions desks.

  • The new furniture designed by BVD allows for a closer interaction between staff and visitors and it has also become a natural meeting point for all guests at Sigtunahöjden. Built from valchromat combined with limestone, all furniture has an elegant finish. The furniture is found in both the entrance and dining room.

  • Along with the new interior the identity of Sigtunahöjden also got an update. New typography, new printed matter, new tonality and an all new imagery all contributes to convey the warm and inviting feeling found at Sigtunahöjden.

  • Sigtunahöjdens website struggled to communicate their many offers. Starting from scratch we created a new structure and architecture of the website. This allowed us to put content where it was needed, making it both easier to find and to understand.