The forest is the hero! The forest is the future! The Swedish Forest Industries Federation wanted to communicate the endless possibilities with the forest in a strive for a sustainable future. The challenge was to step away from a complicated tonality and to give the communication a clear focus – building an intriguing story, approachable regardless of the audience.

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We took this challenge onboard and presented the forest in a new and non-conventional way. Together with the client we set a future vision and a communication platform. From this we created a completely new tone of voice and graphic identity based on the story of a beautiful and sustainable future in a Bioeconomic society. Innovative materials are important elements in this project. For example, the cover of the Vision statement is printed on FibreForm®, a future material which can also be used for recyclable paper bottles. Text, Vision statement: Mattias Jersild. Photography: Lennart Durehed.