Togeth­er with our clients, we bring clar­i­ty to brands, prod­ucts and envi­ron­ments to make them rel­e­vant. Sim­plic­i­ty dri­ves growth and puri­fies any busi­ness. It changes the world.


We start­ed out in 1996 as an award-win­ning design agency. As a con­se­quence of being almost ridicu­lous­ly curi­ous, we evolved into some­thing more. Today, we devote our lives to sim­pli­fy­ing com­pa­nies, brands, prod­ucts and envi­ron­ments, mak­ing them clear and rel­e­vant. We devel­oped our own method to achieve clar­i­ty, and it con­sists of four blocks:

The first block is to sort and con­front the com­po­nents of your chal­lenge to ana­lyze them from dif­fer­ent angles. We do this the way a tech­ni­cian would; it’s just like dis­as­sem­bling a piece of machin­ery. We ask the sim­ple, stu­pid ques­tions: why is this tiny cog placed here? How does this thing real­ly work? And once we’ve fig­ured out how your brand works, we reshape and reor­ga­nize the pieces for bet­ter clar­i­ty and pow­er.

The sec­ond block is find­ing the core, the fac­tor that can’t be reduced. The core could be a lot of things: a func­tion, a qual­i­ty or an attribute.

The third block is explor­ing that one-and-only feel­ing, some­thing that hooks into your heart and evokes emo­tion. We are experts at find­ing this emo­tion­al dri­ver.

Help­ing this dri­ver gain pow­er and aim­ing it in the right direc­tion is the fourth block: max­i­miz­ing impact.

This com­bined four-block process is the same whether you need our help to clar­i­fy a piece of pack­ag­ing or to sim­pli­fy how trav­el­ers move through a sub­way sys­tem. We will always ask our­selves: “How com­plex does it have to be? How sim­ple can we make it?”

We sim­pli­fy to clar­i­fy. This is what we do. This is who we are.
Let’s go change the world!