The Apo­los­o­phy fam­i­ly is grow­ing by the day, with new visu­al con­cepts and pack­ag­ing design that need to belong while being their own. The Apo­los­o­phy brand and the entire range is based on Apotek Hjärtat’s phi­los­o­phy of health and well-being. Care­ful­ly cho­sen ingre­di­ents pack­aged in a con­scious way. Con­tem­po­rary, tac­tile and time­less. Bal­anc­ing trust­wor­thi­ness of phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals with the excite­ment of beau­ty prod­ucts.

  • One of our latest collaborations is Pro Age. A new line and part of Apolosphy’s repositioning and needs to fit in with the family, while it carrying it’s own personality. We are going for lustring, shimmering, beautifully aging.

  • A soft and simplistic design for trust and calmness with coppery details for sparks of joy and a premium feel. It is a design that hightlights a product that you can trust while still bringing in some joyfulness. Or like our art director described it ”det plingar till!”