Apotek Hjärtat Supplements

  • Wooh! I feeeel good!
    One of Sweden’s leading pharmacy chain needed an updated packaging design for its private label range to reposition their brand in a changing market.

  • Apotek Hjärtat wanted to rebrand their private label range for dietary supplements and vitamins to stay strong against their competitors and gain market share.

    Dietary supplements and vitamins are products that improve your daily life and make you feel better. Together with Apotek Hjärtat we moved on from the more traditional “medicine”-feel that has been common in this field and did something more emotional.

    It was time for a strategic design that stands out next to the huge amount of choices that consumers have in the pharmacy.

  • We developed a new design that is contemporary, inviting and accessible. But also unique within the segment.

    We made it is easy to find the product that is right for you – simple and clear – as it should be.

    We worked with illustrations to get a more personal and playful identity without losing credibility.