Blå Bär


Sim­ple and kawaii (charm­ing). Scal­able and dynam­ic. Togeth­er with our friends in Japan we cre­at­ed the visu­al iden­ti­ty for this con­cept store in Osa­ka, Japan, offer­ing mis­cel­la­neous goods from Scan­di­navia. Blå Bär means blue berries, a typ­i­cal Swedish and Scan­di­na­vian kind, sym­bol­ized by the three dots in the Swedish let­ters Å and Ä. Make sure to stop by if you are in the neigh­bor­hood. Irrashaimase!

  • Letters and dots are used as a bold and clear graphic tool to emphasize the great variety of high quality design items in the store.

  • A playful layout attitude with few graphic elements builds a clear and strong brand identity that is scalable and dynamic to meet future opportunities and challenges.