Let the Swedish star guide you! A new pack­ag­ing con­cept and iden­ti­ty with an updat­ed sym­bol that strength­ens the CCS posi­tion on the mar­ket and dis­tin­guish the brand from its com­peti­tors.

  • In Frostbrunnsdalen, Dalarna we find CCS Innovation laboratory. This is where the products are developed. For hundreds of years people have been drinking water from the pure source in Frostbrunnsdalen. According to old folklore the water has healing power. To set CCS apart, we have created an identity inspired by our cold and frosty Nordic climate.

  • The CCS star has been given a clear role as the leading star. The new, simplified look and placement makes it a significant carrier of CCS packaging identity. Instead of having one static star we now have created a design system, which allows us to work flexible and dynamically with the star.

  • CCS is a premium brand within dermacosmetics, with a strong focus on function, problem solving and quality. The challenge was to create a unique and distinctive design within respective category, in parallel with a clear red thread.

  • Working with the assortment to make it easy for the customer to make choices based on their personal needs. We divided in two simple categories – Behandla (Treat) that focuses on function and problem solving, and Skydda (Protect) that includes everyday caring products.

  • By leaning on our Nordic heritage, CCS brings Swedish innovation to skincare.