Combo Combo


What’s your com­bo? Sweden’s first and only restau­rant con­cept that allows you to order your meal based on your favorite top­pings is called Com­bo Com­bo. Fresh ingre­di­ents and unique sauces makes it a treat to top your piz­za, pas­ta or sal­lad. Afford­able, fast and sim­ple.

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We teamed up with Com­bo Com­bo and cre­at­ed a con­cept includ­ing Brand Strat­e­gy, Nam­ing, Visu­al Iden­ti­ty, Tonal­i­ty, Pack­ag­ing Design, Wayfind­ing, and with our col­league archi­tects Guise, Envi­ron­men­tal Con­cept.

  • The dynamic visual identity brings variation to the different touch points of the concept. The Combo Combo Mascot has an expression for every occasion and clarifies an accessible tonality.