H&M is a world-renowned Swedish fash­ion retail­er that offers cloth­ing and oth­er acces­sories for men, women and chil­dren. In 1999 H&M need­ed to update the orig­i­nal logo from in 1968. With respect for the orig­i­nal logo we made care­ful alter­ations, cre­at­ing har­mo­ny and bal­ance, opti­miz­ing read­abil­i­ty. The updat­ed logo­type was only one part of the exten­sive­ly updat­ed brand book that made it pos­si­ble for H&M to work with brand­ing and iden­ti­ty glob­al­ly.

  • As H&M was about to launch in the US back in 1999, they wanted their design to make a statement, communicating self-confidence, style and awareness. We created a design that reflected the buzz of the city and combined it with the calm of nature. H&M can be found wherever modern people are; one day in the heart of Manhattan, and the next in the wide open countryside. The results? The designs set the tone for the launch in the US and strengthened H&M’s credibility as a global leader in the fashion world.

  • With around 70 different models of stockings and tights in the range, it was hard for consumers to find what they were looking for. The packaging felt generic and old-fashioned. Our task was to create order and clarity within the stockings and tights range and to modernize its look. We showed women the way they really look and focused on the product. BVD simplified the categories in to five new product lines. With sensual black and white picture in an environmental friendly packaging the solution was new at the market back in 1999. The new design helped H&M to achieve its sales target, as well as fulfilling stringent environmental requirements.

  • Together with H&M, we simplified their logo, cleaned up in order to clarify the shops and transformed the experience of H&M through packaging. An incredible journey together with an incredible brand.