• Proud to be back.
    We developed a brand hierarchy, visual identity, tonality, packaging design, and new packaging solutions to vitalize the Oliva brand on an increasingly competitive market.

    Oliva was launched by CCS in 2005 and became a great success as the first natural personal care brand in pharmacies. But increasing competition after the pharmacy de-regulation and challenges in market conditions grew into a need to bring new life to the brand.
    The goal was simple: we needed to revitalize the brand to make it stand proud in the bathroom again.

  • Through simplify to clarify we identified one of Oliva’s core strengths in natural skin caring, and highlighted this by letting the concept go back to the roots of the brand and letting them shine in a new way. Together with the illustration, shapes of green and the Oliva story, we kept the red thread and created a modern attractive design.

  • The new Oliva was given a strong, clear coherent, beautiful design and identity that lets the products stand out on the shelf in the pharmacies.
    And absolutely – it does stand proud in the bathroom!